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Use Artificial Intelligence to find out what your beloved pet can and cannot eat
How to use chivelab

Our Process

Search & Get detailed results:

No more Googling and reading general articles. Be data driven. Get detailed answers to your specific questions. You could also see other user's questions and articles relating your searched item.

Create post and interact with other users:

Post your questions and discuss it with other users who have had the same experience. Comment on other user's post.

Call the Vet

Get connected to toxicologist specialists if you need more help.

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Chivelab Features

Text Search

Search by typing the brand or type of the food, recipe, or product.

Barcode search

Search by scanning the barcode on the packages.

Identify plant

Use your camera to identify the plants.

OCR Search

Search by snapping the ingredient list on the packages.

Post your question

Post your searches/questions for our expert toxicology residents and users.


Comment on the posts by other users and share your experience/answer questions. engage in discussion.

FDA Food recall

Get notified whenever there is a food recall for your brand of pet food.

Call Vet

Call a pet toxicology specialist and ask for more information